VMS General Ship Supply & Repair


VMS Hellas General Ship Supply & Repair has a well-equipped warehouse.
We stock a wide range of technical provisions of the cabin, deck, engine consumables, and spare parts, suitable to the budget of all operators, managers, and owners.
We support all our clients in their current needs in shipyards and dry dock facilities in Greece, Bulgaria, and Romania.
We work with qualified operational specialists and possess our technical warehouse to provide high-quality of service and on-time expert support.

We can provide:
Asbestos-free packing and jointing; Lube oils and hydraulic fluids; Adhesive and lubricants;
Hot and cold welding equipment; Bearings, seals, and V-belts, Pneumatic and electric pumps, Cotton waste and rags, Rubber mattings, and cords, Explosion proof hand lamps,
Control systems (temperature switch/sensor, transducers, pressure switch),

Pumps (centrifugal, fresh water, fire, sanitary water, vertical, screw, vacuum, self-priming, diesel and electrical pumps);
Pipe & Tube Fittings, Valves & Cocks
Filters (air, oil, fuel, candles, duplex, bag, cartridges, hydraulic).

*For specific products please send us a request

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