VMS General Ship Supply & Repair


VMS Hellas General Ship Supply & Repair has a well-equipped warehouse to ensure fast delivery and quality of service.
We stock a wide range of technical provisions of the cabin, deck, engine consumables, and spare parts, suitable to the budget of all operators, managers, and owners.

From nautical equipment and electrical cables to marine paints, we can provide everything you need quickly and in a price-effective manner.

We support all our clients in their current needs in shipyards and dry dock facilities in Greece, Bulgaria, and Romania.

We usually supply the following technical items:
Deck & Cabin Stores
Ropes & Lifting Tackles, Wires, Mooring ropes
Engine Stores, Electrical Stores, Medical Stores
Safety & Protection Equipment (life rafts, life jackets, buoys, suits, protective equipment)
Marine Chemicals & Marine Lubricants for engine, compressor, hydraulic, cylinder and different greases (major brands as Total, Mobil, Castrol, Shell and equivalents).
Marine Paints & Accessories
Charts and publications
Control systems (temperature switch/sensor, transducers, pressure switch)
Valves (butterfly, globe, gate, ball, safety, self-closing, reducing, non-return, fire, marine strainers).
Pumps (centrifugal, fresh water, fire, sanitary water, vertical, screw, vacuum, self-priming, diesel and electrical pumps).
Hoses (hydraulic, industrial, suction, chemicals, bunkers, oil, water, fire)
Filters (air, oil, fuel, candles, duplex, bag, cartridges, hydraulic)

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