VMS General Ship Supply & Repair


VMS Hellas General Ship Supply & Repair provides a wide range of fresh, frozen, and dry food provisions to offer high-quality products and ensure quality of service.

We work directly with the local producers of fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, cheese, etc., and the biggest importers of dry provisions to meet the high expectations of all our clients like international cruise liners, cargo and tanker ships, yachts, touristic boats, etc. Frozen and chilled products are delivered directly to the vessels with our frigorific trucks at all ports of Greece, Bulgaria, and Romania.

High–Quality Meat & Poultry - hand-selected farms and master butchers, dedicated to their work, will select the best portion of meat and poultry for you.
High-Quality Fish & Seafood – delivered to you from the fish market, freshly caught whole fish, hand-cut fillets, oysters, lobster, and smoked fish directly from Greek and European markets straight to your vessels.
Our awareness of the business and the requirements of the standards for high-level service makes the company a one–stop shop for food provision.
For a specific food provision, not included in our price list, please ask our Sales Representative.

Our food provision service includes fresh provisions and packaged catering options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, coffee breaks, and catering for special occasions for the crew and passengers.

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